Cosmotrons is a multiplayer and single player retro arcade style space shooter where one to four players yell and celebrate as they skillfully pilot a fragile spaceship of their choice in battle against gravity and friends throughout dangerous terrains in the quest for galaxy domination.

Cosmotron pilots have multiple ship types to choose from like the Noob, Recruit, Fighter, Beast, Snipes, Jalopy, and Squid, each which have their own unique attributes and unique feel. Pilots also get special charge abilities to choose from thus getting to create a combination that suits their play style.

In multiplayer mode, two, three, or four Cosmotron pilots battle in teams or solo in intense aerial dogfights. There also is an “Invader Mode” where one player gets to take an over powered ship and battles against up to three of their friends at the same time. In single player mode space pilots can explore territories, practice flight and shooting skills, and participate in timed speed runs.

There are 20+ dangerous territories for you to explore and battle in including lunar surfaces, underground alien structures, active volcanic hot spots, caverns with falling stalactites, black holes, and more. Gravity is just as dangerous as your enemies as it always tries to pull you towards impending doom, on some terrains not always in the same direction. Skillful piloting is necessary to survive.

Piloting of your spaceship requires fuel. Either defeat all your enemies in a territory before your fuel depletes or choose to find and collect fuel resources throughout the territories during battle. But be careful, collecting fuel resources is dangerous and often leaves you vulnerable!

In Cosmotrons, the piloting of your spaceship itself is fun and very rewarding. Control is tight, allowing for trick aerial maneuvers and pixel perfect ship placement in dangerous areas. Planning ahead of where you want your spaceship to go is necessary as you account for gravity and inertia.

Cosmotrons is currently in development by Arcadeaholics LLC which consists of Shane (Lead Design) and Dave (Lead Programmer). We have the goal of getting Cosmotrons released in arcades in late 2017.