Free Play Florida

November 22-24, 2019

Special Presentations Application


UPDATE: Now accepting Applications. 

Thank you for your interest in wanting to participate at this years Free Play Florida event. Please read below as it will provide some helpful information for you. 


This application is for those looking to participate in Free Play Florida 2019 by hosting a panel, attempting a world record, ore even putting on a tournament. It excludes vendors, artists, game developers, or volunteers. In order to help us plan for this year’s event and to ensure we can provide all of the appropriate support, please complete the application with the necessary information below. 

The Byte Amusment Group Board of directors will review all of the applications and respond at a later date. Please know that space is limited and not all requests will be approved. 

Legal Stuff:

By submitting this application you agree to the following terms listed as follows: I, the undersigned, agree to the terms and conditions of participating in Free Play Florida event hosted by Byte Amusement Group  and release and hold harmless Byte Amusement Group from all claims, or action, which may hereafter occur by reason of any damage, loss or injury which may be sustained by the undersigned in consequences of being allowed to participate in Free Play Florida event. I also give Byte Amusement Group the right to use any photographs submitted by me or acquired from the internet for the purpose of advertising, web use and promotion of the show.