Load in begins 10AM thursday the 16th.  It is recommended that vendors presenting in a booth wait until 12 noon to begin arriving to allow the hotel time to set up tables and chairs.  Machine load in can begin as early as 10 but please make sure that you are patient with others that are also loading in and when you have finished your load in you need to leave the back dock load in area as fast as possible to allow the next person in.

Game donors please enter through the second entrance to the hotel if you are coming from international drive, pass across the front of the hotel (including the lobby area) and you will see a stop sign.  To the right at that sign is the back dock.  You will need to back in to this space, please do so in an orderly fashion.

Artists and Vendors can load in by driving through the hotel entryway and following a path the hotel has laid out in cones.  Smaller items can then be loaded through multiple sets of double doors that line the vending area of the show in the front of the hotel.

Remember, large items, trucks, and trailers please use the hotel dock area.  Everything else, please load in through the front of the hotel.

2017 Floor Layout and Locator

  1.  Scott Adams, creator of the home PC text adventure.
  2. Bliss Box custom USB to controller adapters
  3. Neo Games
  4. AtariAge – New games for classic systems
  5. Pop Up space for mass signing of the Walter Day Collection cards
  6. Burnout Games – Bit Evolution
  7. The Lost Levels LLC
  8. Ongaku Overdrive
  9. Pinball Restorations
  10. This Old Game
  11. Paradise Arcade Shop
  12. Tim Lapetino – Author of The Art of Atari
  13. Little Shop of Games pinball parts
  14. Steve Ritchie – Stern Pinball Legendary Designer
  15. George Lowe – voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  16. Brian Colin – Designer of Rampage, Pigskin 621 and many more
  17. Walter Day and Billy Mitchell – World Record preservationists and gaming historians
  18. Arcadeshop LLC arcade and pinball parts
  19. Project Pinball Charity
  20. The 501st Legion
  21. GenkiGoth Studios
  22. HOLD
  23. Crafty Dork
  24. Sticker Dork
  25. Robo Ohno
  26. Art of Hump
  27. Kimmy’s Craft Fun
  28. Myrcury’s Toybox
  29. Glassman Art
  30. TurboFox Photography
  31. HOLD
  32. Broad Strokes
  33. Warren Hart – Famous After Death
  34. Barrett Biggers
  35. Astro Crow
  36. HOLD
  37. BankyArt
  38. INDIE Gamer
  39. Anytime Studios Interactive
  40. Tres Geek
  41. Silly Rabbit Crafts
  42. HOLD
  43. Old School Gamer magazine

47. The Riley and Kimmy Show

48. Cybertron Games



MAGENTA boxes are 8×8 Pipe and Drape PURPLE boxes are knee wall Pipe and Drape GREEN box is large projection screen


When you arrive at the show to load in, please go to the Free Play Florida Help desk located inside the main ballroom along the wall facing the front of the hotel for your credentials, wristbands, and load in details.   All tables include linens and skirts.  Please do not block the view of your fellow vendor with booth presentations!  If you are a game donor we will help you with the location of your game(s) on the show floor.   FPF Volunteers can be located by their red shirts with black print.