FPF 2017 Atari Cartridge Pre-Sale

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We are excited to announce a limited edition custom game sponsored by Cybertron Video Games, AtariAge, and Retro Games Fan for Free Play Florida 2017!!  The game itself is a mod of Midnight Magic created by Florida’s own Atari legend Scott Dayton of Neo Games.  We have a small number of Atari 2600 carts, complete with physical box, manual, registration card, and individually numbered, available for pre-sale.  After the pre-sale, buy your cart as part of your visit to FPF17.  A great feature of this game is the manual in classic Atari style that has information about many of our guests and a space for their signatures so be sure to get your manual signed by the likes of Billy Mitchell, Walter Day, Tim Lapetino, and Keith Apicary!


This item is perfect for pinball fans, retro gamers, collectors, or frequent FPF attendees. Big thanks to AtariAge, Cybertron, Retro Games Fan, Neo Games and everyone else who helped to make this happen!

A limited number will be for sale online, after that we’ll see you at the show!


Game Play Video